F.R.O.G. is a group of enthusiastic golfers who have been accepted by Guinness World Records to challenge the fastest round of 18 holes of golf by a team, right here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In the spring of 2020 in Calgary, drones will hover over the fairways of the Elbow Springs Golf Club and audiences with camera phones and land cameras will capture a team of golfers tee off and play through 6000 yards and 18 holes of golf, as officials keep time. Follow us on social media and watch a live stream on The Public Place Network as this local team of golfers attempt to break the current world record of 13 mins and 42 seconds.


Bill Stamile stamilebill@outlook.com or call 403-671-6838

We are LOOKING For Golfers!

This record breaking challenge needs team players and volunteers. Each of the 18 Holes will have a Team and each Par will have a minimum of players per hole.Time for each attempt will start when a ball is put into play on the first hole, the hole team will play the ball into the hole in the fastest possible time at all times adhering to the rules of the RCGA, once the ball is holed out a volunteer will sound the horn and the team on the next hole will immediately tee off another ball and the attempt will continue under this format until the ball is holed out on the 18th green. Each player that has a golf club in their hands on the course on a successful record attempt will have their names listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The existing record is 13 minutes and 42 seconds, and is held by Farnham Golf Club, in Farnham Surrey UK.

LOCATION - Elbow Springs Golf Club

Spectators will be welcome, bring your mobile devices, cameras etc and share your experiences on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
A Stampede Breakfast will proceed the event with a Celebration Banquet and a Silent auction will follow the attempt.

Charity and Donations

``The Fastest Round of Golf Committee believes very strongly in the power of our youth and children,” says Bill Stamile FROG Chairman. They are our future. This event is a great way for Amateur Golfers and Professional Golfers to endorse playing fast, to have a good time of fellowship in the name of Golf, to being part of a World Record Attempt and to raise money for Youth Sport of Alberta and Padel Canada. Please come join us as we support our youth of Alberta and be Part of a World Record attempt.”