The disconnects between science and everyday real-life hold sports, exercise and coaching back. Robust, systematic or rigorous explanations [the most progressive theories of human behaviour or wide science] of everyday real-life exist but they're stuck in academic ivory towers. Broader Thinking's video platform overcomes the hidden problems currently holding even the very best of us back, by helping you see more to re-think what you do.

Hence our credibility: invites to 13 leading universities, powerful testimonies from world-leading coaches and academic minds, and numerous publications in the very highest-quality academic research journals. Rigour, quality, trust: the most progressive human sciences in user-friendly ways.

If you like quick, easy answers; attention-grabbing soundbites as analysis; over-energized presenters saying obvious things in complex ways to hide their lack of insight... look elsewhere, this platform is not for you. However, if you're interested in taking a little more time—a few minutes not seconds—to consider how a theory-research formed, broadening perspective can transform what you think and do, watch on.