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Established in '96 and based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. CanAm Wrestling was revived by Otto Gentile and Ed Andersen in 2021. They're dedicated to providing students with the training, life skills, & an opportunity to become the next superstars of modern era of professional wrestling.

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Season 2: Arrival

They've been searching. Now, they're here...

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Season 1: Homecoming

In the beginning, there were wrestlers.


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Watch CanAm Season 1 Homecoming only on PPN

The Loudest Slams for the Biggest Fans

Coming in 2024 you can Go ringside from your living room when you subscribe to CanAm Wrestling. Enjoy access to all of our live streams from events around Alberta. Never miss a show with video-on-demand replays that feature more angles than ever before. Travel back in time and relive the glory days of western wrestling.