Episode 8 - Handling a Tank Mix Nightmare With Rex Hopkins

Jul. 7, 2023 at 10:31 a.m. MDT
Uploaded by: AGvisorPRO
Well, no farmer ever wants to see it happen, but when luck has run dry in the tank, some pretty crazy things can happen when tank mixing chemicals for agriculture. This week on the AGvisorPRO app, a great question came in from a rather unlucky farmer who was dealing with crystallization and clogged filters in his system. One expert on the AGvisorPRO app in particular was really well suited to help this farmer out. On today's episode of The AGvisorPOD, our host (and CEO of AGvisorPRO) Rob Saik touches base with Rex Hopkins, who's forgotten more about fertilizer chemistry and application than any of us could ever hope to know. It's a great episode. Enjoy! If you want to have a deeper discussion with any of the experts featured in this podcast, download the AGvisorPRO app today for free. https://link-app.agvisorpro.com/AGvisorPOD -Ask questions anonymously and get multiple expert answers for free. -Follow interesting questions and see what the pros are recommending. -Join communities for deeper discussion about niche topics. -Find independent ag experts for private consultations. -Discover services that will launch your operation ahead.