Balancing Family Life, Ranching, and Being a Professional Athlete

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Apr. 28, 2023 at 8:35 a.m. MDT

Thursday is our favorite day! This is Episode #16, spring has sprung, seeders are in the ground down here in southern Alberta, we got our calves branded, AND it's supposed to be above 20 degrees this weekend!!! If that's not exciting and refreshing, I don't know what is. Speaking of excited, Bj was sure that when his long time pal agreed to jump on and have a conversation with us! Roddy is a legend in the rodeo world, his list of accomplishments is longer then what I could put here! On top of that he raised 3 awesome boys who are extremely talented themselves in the Saddle Bronc riding, through balancing all of that he was also a cow calf rancher out of Wildwood Alberta, take a listen on how he made it all work!

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