AGTalk Press Release

Category : Service Providers
Jun. 20, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. MDT
Saskatoon, June 20, 2023 - The Do More Agriculture Foundation (Do More Ag) is thrilled to announce the launch of AgTalk powered by Togetherall. The peer support platform will be accessible across the entire Canadian agriculture industry. The platform provides a safe and anonymous space where anyone 16+ can connect, share, and receive support from a community of peers who relate to their unique experiences. With 24/7 bilingual clinical moderation, AgTalk, powered by Togetherall, ensures a secure environment for open discussions on mental health. It can be challenging to acknowledge and seek support for mental health needs. With these challenges in mind, BASF, RBC, and McCain Foundation have come together to support the foundation in launching AgTalk to address the specific mental health needs of Canadian producers. “BASF is thrilled to support the development and launch of AgTalk as part of Do More Ag’s continued efforts to provide mental health support to Canadian farmers,” said Jonathan Sweat, Vice President at BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions. “Supporting farmers extends beyond the field. It’s important to BASF that we’re supporting farmers – and those who work in the agricultural industry – in meaningful ways, including through resources that facilitate connection, dialogue and support in areas that matter like this.” AgTalk serves as a valuable resource that acknowledges and provides support through various stages of one's mental health journey. “In recent years, our agriculture communities have been exposed to economic volatility and stressful environmental conditions that have taken a toll on their mental health. Addressing our farmers’ emotional health and wellbeing is key to economic prosperity and the continued growth of the agriculture sector,” said Sue Noble, VP of Commercial Banking Strategy at RBC. “Our partnership with AgTalk is an important step in this direction, that’ll provide agriculture communities a safe and secure space to improve their mental health and wellbeing.” One of the key advantages of AgTalk, powered by Togetherall, is the platform’s 24/7 clinical moderation. In order to ensure a safe environment, licensed clinicians will monitor the platform and ensure that users can engage in an open and supportive dialogue.