A Fresh New Perspective - Dean Thorpe - 840 CFCW

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Jul. 13, 2023 at 9:09 a.m. MDT

Episode 27 of the BWV Podcasts seems crazy to say but we're rocking it. Often times we as producers can get "stuck in a rut" or only see certain pros or cons to our industry. It was refreshing having a conversation with Dean Thorpe from CFCW in this episode. Though he was not raised in agriculture, agriculture has played a huge roll in his career and life. Dean had some very good points when it came to a potential downfall of our industry but also what makes our industry so great!! Deans voice is also just worth listening to!! Enjoy our podcast with Dean and don't forget to tune into CFCW Monday - Friday at noon for Dean Thorpe's AG Noon show!

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