Investment opportunities

We have created the next generation of video streaming platforms. The internet has changed, video is dominating the type of information consumers are looking for. 5.2 7 hours a day are streamed by 71% of our population, with over 4.5 million videos streamed a minute. Our system has created new opportunities because we have built platforms that content providers and own and control. Platforms that provide owners the opportunity to generate revenue from, subscriptions, ad space, live streaming events, video downloads, training packages, selling their own sub-channels and much more. We are offering owners the opportunity to create their own version of a YouTube or Netflix. NO THIRD PARTY INTRUSIONS, TOTAL OWNER CONTROL DIRECT TO AUDIENCES.

Owners and promoters like; Live event organizers, Sports groups, Education Providers, Municipalities, Live Theatre, Dance, Music Festivals the opportunities are endless.

PPN is currently seeking Investor support for this next generation of video streaming technology. Imagine if you were given your favorite video streaming platform (like a YouTube or Netflix) and you could wipe it clean of all its content, own it and operate it yourself and put what ever kind of content you want on it. WHAT WOULD YOU DO! That's the business we are in.

Streaming video platforms are now a 32.1 billion dollar industry and growing rapidly. Currently, 432 million people subscribe to traditional streaming networks and are looking for the very thing we offer. Great revenue potential for content providers, great opportunities to re-think, re-purpose, re-monetize and extend the life of their activities with video. Our platforms operate on the same independent global infrastructure that makes sites Netflix and YouTube possible. PPN has disrupted the current video streaming business models and has created a new lucrative business approach that meets the growing trends of online video consumption. Invest in this new technology and its huge growth potential or become a channel operator means getting on board as the industry explodes. PPN is not another YouTube we are offering savvy content distributors and creators YOUR Tube, a customized owner operator approach to operating global streaming platforms that addresses a gap in the marketplace. Content creators can now be platform operators free of big social platform analytics and third party intervention.

You can now control your narrative, your content, your audiences, revenue and data analytics.

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