What's So Scary About Ghost Fishing?

Category : Biodiversity, Environmental
Jun. 24, 2021 at 9:47 p.m. MDT


It's estimated that we lose 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear every year in our oceans. This gear continues to kill fish and other marine organisms and pollutes our marine environment with plastic. What are we doing about it?

In this episode we speak with Joel Baziuk the Deputy Director of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) from the Ocean Conservancy and Bourton Scott and Ally Stocks from the Emerald Sea Protection Society. Joel helps to coordinate global efforts to improve fishing gear to decrease the risks of it being lost at sea and to help coordinate global cleanup efforts. Bourton and Ally are part of a team that has partnered with the GGGI to help cleanup the waters around Vancouver Island.

We talk about what's currently being done, what can be done in the future, how to get involved and what can be made from recycled nets pulled from the sea!

For more information about the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, what they are working on and how you can get involved with their ghost gear reporting app for your phone Click Here.

For more information about the Emerald Sea Protection Society and the nets they are removing off the coast of Vancouver Island Click Here.

Look up the following brands for cool products made from Ghost Gear!

  • Bureo for skateboards, clothing, frisbees, sunglasses, etc.
  • Fourth Element for swimwear.
  • Axiom for cycling gear.
  • ECONYL for nylon clothing.
  • BraceNet for bracelets.
  • BlueCycle for furniture.
  • Sea2See for glasses.
  • Healthy Seas Socks for Socks.
  • Popsicase for phone cases.
  • 2nd Chance Ropeworks for rugs.