What's for Dinner? Fish Fraud in Canada

Category : Biodiversity, Agriculture, Biology
Jul. 22, 2021 at 8:49 p.m. MDT


What's for dinner? Are we having sustainably caught Arctic Char from right here in Canada? Or are we easting an endangered species illegally caught from halfway around the world?

Well unless you have a DNA testing kit there's no way to know. Seafood in Canada has been shown to be labelled incorrectly 47% of the time so you really have no idea what you are actually eating. How can we help support our honest fishermen and women and stop supporting criminal fishing organizations and save our oceans?

In today's episode you will hear from Christina Callegari the Sustainable Seafood Coordinator from Seachoice and the Ecology Action Centre. Christina works hard to raise awareness about seafood fraud and to advocate for seafood traceability to be adopted across Canada wide.

To give us an economics point of view on food fraud we spoke with Dr. Sylvain Charlebois from the Dalhousie University Agri-Food and Analytics Lab. You may have seen him on the news whenever there is a major story about food or may have even tuned into his podcast The Food Professor Podcast. Dr. Charlebois shared many nuggets of wisdom about why food fraud is an issue everyone should be concerned about and how it impacts many sectors of the food world.

Everyone we spoke with directed us to talk to the team from Oceana Canada who discovered 47% of the seafood tested from across Canada was labelled incorrectly. We spoke with Sayara Thurston who is a Seafood Fraud Campaigner about this complicated issue and how Oceana Canada is taking it head on!

And last but not least you'll hear from Sophika Kostyniuk the Director of Fisheries and Seafood of the Oceanwise Seafood Program. You'll learn all about how buying sustainable seafood can be as easy as looking for a Oceanwise logo when your at a restaurant or grocery store.