The Future of Food: Water Farmed Plant Based Foods

Category : Research, Agriculture
Jul. 5, 2021 at 8:58 a.m. MDT


As the global population grows to 10 billion by 2050 we will need to find new ways to feed everyone. As our water resources and productive agricultural land get stretched thinner and thinner we will need to find new and innovative ways to produce food! In today's episode we are discussing two innovative approaches to producing food which are very water conscious and that could be providing our food sooner than you might think!

Today we're discussing Aquaponics and Seaweed Cultivation! Did you know that you can produce fresh vegetables and plant based proteins anywhere in the world using less water than it takes to shower with aquaponics ?The world bank thinks that Seaweed could make up 10% of the food for the world by that point! Think about it you just need an ocean and sunlight and there you go!

You'll hear from the team from Pontus Proteins, an aquaponics company out of Vancouver, BC. Connor, Alson and Steve are taking aquaponics to the next level by integrating robotic harvesting, artificial intelligence and vertical farming. You'll also hear from Mike Williamson the CEO of Cascadia Seaweed! You'll hear all about the health benefits, ecosystems services and how seaweed can be integrated into the North American Diet!

Check out Cascadia Seaweeds website here for more information about Seaweed farming and their new innovative products! Do you live near Sydney, British Columbia? You should mark your calendars for Seaweed Days from May 17-23rd, where Cascadia Seaweed will be launching their new products!

Interested in learning more about Water Lentils and why you need them in your life? Click here for more information about PONTUS proteins!