Blaze, Logan Gayle / Dalias Blake

Oct. 17, 2023 at 7:03 a.m. MDT

Uploaded by: Gold Mynd

After taking you to Jamaica via “Island Home''. It would only seem natural that we then introduce the sacred herb called “Ganja”-aka-Marijuana.

Jamaica is known to have the “best” weed worldwide. Fun fact - Orange Hill, Jamaica is known to have the best weed on the island.

The song is a user's guide for preparing and fully enjoying the perfect spliff. Personally the song conveys my fundamental message

that I smoke herbs for meditation. “Only High grade, some real high grade we blaze daily”.


Composer: DJKemo Vanguards Music

Writers: Logan(Gold Mynd)Gayle / Dalias(Mistah*D*)Blake

Harmonies: Naomi Chan

Arrangement: Logan(Gold Mynd)Gayle

Vocal Capture: Paranoyd Productions

Mixing: Roe Summerz

Mastering: Mario Syentis

Producers: Gold Mynd Music / Launch Code Productions


The herbs have definitely been a part of my Life from when I was a kid. I used to see my Grand Dad, my Dad and my Uncles smoking the herbs

and I was always fascinated by this mysterious plant. It became a religious daily ritual from Campus days - Butchers Block, UWI, Mona, Jamaica.

Iwa and I used to make trips to Orange Hill and would normally return with some special buds. The verses were inspired by these trips and written

from those times, while the chorus was written in Canada. Hence, I had to infuse the Canadian term “wake and bake”.

From Orange Hill to Kelowna - the herbs are the healing of the nation. It amplifies my inspiration.