Jun. 25, 2021 at 12:07 p.m. MDT

Diyet’s story is revealed through her voice and music, delivered with passion, emotion and a sparkly humor that leaves the audience feeling uplifted and curious about life in the North. In addition to performing, Diyet has developed her other passion for empowering youth, especially First Nations youth, in songwriting and collaboration with her community outreach workshops.“Music is food for the soul. It opens the path to connect directly with our spirit. It motivates and inspires us. The act of musical collaboration is not only about sharing a stage, it teaches us about respect, openness, self-awareness and confidence.” Diyet’s trio will showcase music from her recordings including We Got A Story, In Our Nature, 8th Wonder, and Like a Drum (from her latest two albums). Her lyrics paint a vivid picture of her surroundings and the happy and heartbreaking things that happen in her world.