#78 Mind Your Own Business. With Sue Styles

Feb. 28, 2024 at 10:32 p.m. MST

Your finances (& your life) can take a huge hit when dealing with divorce or a change in your job. When you're struggling and nothing seems to be working, how do you get through it?

On the show today, Sue Styles shares her personal journey through divorce and bankruptcy offering lessons she's learned along the way. Sue is an author, podcaster, speaker, realtor & business coach, Sue Styles. Her book "The Little RED Stick - What gets measured gets done!" is a business resource for mastering solo success. Listen to the podcast to learn how you can win a copy of her book! In it, she shares five secret ingredients to how to make a successful business.

From Crisis to Clarity – How unexpected crisis and chaos give opportunity for clarity and how to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Challenges are not stumbling blocks meant to keep you playing small, they can become stepping stones for those who will become tenacious in their efforts, and Sue will talk about what it took for her to get through divorce and bankruptcy and go on to succeed!


Meet Sue! Join us May 28th where she'll be our keynote speaker during an ONLINE Divorce Resource group meeting.

For more information, you can find Sue online:
Website: suestyles.com
Phone: 403-805-7710
Email: sue@suestyles.com
IG: suestyles_results
Facebook: Sue Styles - Entrepreneur
LinkedIn: Sue Styles
Link for her book: "The Little RED Stick"