Keith Stone & Red Gravy

Category : Calgary Bluesfest
Aug 31, 2020

SONG: Red Gravy

When Keith Stone started Red Gravy, the cast of characters changed from night to night. That's the joke about New Orleans musicians: "There's only one band in the whole town, but it has five thousand members." In a city where everyone hustles to maintain a busy schedule, you better have a good phone list when a gig comes up, because availability is King.

It was one particular short tour in Florida that Keith assembled a group of premier sidemen; Eddie Christmas on drums, Tom Worrell on keys, and Kennan Shaw on bass. Playing as a unit for the first time, that night on the beach front stage in Pensacola, it was evident to all four that something special was happening. Everyone's ears were just a little bigger, the grooves a little deeper, and it was a whole lot of fun. That weekend was really the birth of a BAND.

Before they could shake the sand out of their shorts, Keith Stone with Red Gravy had won the New Orleans Blues Society's local International Blues Challenge, and suddenly, there was work to do, writing new material for the big competition in Memphis. The initial idea of the band, to blend Straight Blues with New Orleans R&B remained the guiding light, following in the giant footsteps of Earl King, Professor Longhair and many others.

Keith Stone with Red Gravy come by their Blues the same way Keith's Sicilian mama cooked up her beloved sauce; by simmering it in New Orleans spices and spirit.

Come n' get it.

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